Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNICK Ring?

CNICK is the first smart wooden ring with NFC technology. It is the most convenient way for access and information sharing, while still maintaining the highest level of security.

How secure is CNICK Ring?

Mifare Ntag 216 IC module is integrated inside the CNICK ring, which is almost impossible to duplicate. CNICK Rings have no connection to the internet and all the informations are kept offline, locally into the ring. NFC protocol is used for information sharing and the maximum reading distance is 5 cm. Thus, no one can have access to your information without your permission.

How can I replace my access Card with CNICK Ring?

CNICK Ring comes with the highly secured NFC IC, so you can’t change it’s UID code and clone your RFID card that way. CNICK Rings are activated in the security system absolutely the same way, as you activate your blank RFID card. If you haven’t installed The RFID Reader yourself, we recommend to contact with the RFID security system provider in your organization or the assistant, which usually is the guy who activates RFID cards sitting near the entrance, especially at fitness clubs. explanational video: We would be happy to personally assist you by providing the individual solution. In case you need any assistance, Please contact us to the following email address:

What is the right hand position against the RFID reader when I use CNICK Ring?

For achieving the most reliable and comfortable result, we developed unique - circular antenna design and integrated it inside the CNICK Ring. So you don’t need to search for the special location on the ring, to make it readable. Against the access RFID readers The best result is achieved when you touch your fist on the reader, not the ring itself and it’s much more effortless position of the hand, but when you want to read the CNICK Ring using the Smartphone, it’s usually better to touch the ring itself.

How to load information into the CNICK Ring using NFC application?

To write information into the ring or set app manager commands, you need NFC enabled Android device. CNICK app helps you to load text, links and private information into the ring. You need to complete following steps: Turn NFC on your smartphone; Open CNICK native application; Find NFC spot on the back of your smartphone and touch the ring to the spot; On the main menu of the application, choose, what kind of information do you want to write on the ring. Record the information in the app; Press upper-right corner of the screen to save the information and touch the ring to the NFC spot again. For detailed instruction, watch the video. If you you want your ring to perform pre-configured commands, such as unlock phone, turn on the Bluetooth, set alarm, send SMS or make calls, control the volume and so on, we recommend following third party applications: NFC Tools Application. You will have access to up to 100 tasks and even more combinations. Watch the video tutorial for detailed instructions; AnyTagNFCLauncher - looks much similar to NFC Tools, but adds even more features, including opening any application in mobile phone with ring: SmartPassLock - enables unlocking smartphone using the ring:

How to share my contact information, links or texts using CNICK Ring?

To ensure seamless transaction of the information from your ring to your friend’s smartphone, CNICK is equipped with most exquisite technologies. All you have to do is to make sure the smartphone has NFC turned on and touch the ring to the NFC spot of the phone. The information will be instantly transferred to your friend’s Mobile device.

How to find NFC reading spot on my mobile device?

Most of the mobile devices have NFC reader on the back side. Smoothly move the ring on the mobile and once you hear beep (make sure volume is up) it means you have found the location or if you have cnick app opened, after reading the ring it will take you to the main menu and allow to write info. See the gif:

What is the memory capacity of CNICK Ring?

Memory Size: 888 bytes

Do I have to charge my CNICK Ring?

CNICK Ring never needs charging.

How is CNICK ring made?

CNICK Ring is Made from the exotic wooden materials. It fits finger perfectly and ensures users comfort throughout the day. Every inch of the wood used for manufacturing is precisely selected, to ensure durability of the ring. We do not use whole pieces of wood to carve the ring, as it does not assure longevity. Our wood artists bend highest quality, exotic wood stripes to craft perfect combination of nature and technology - Smart BentWood Ring. To protect the ring from damage and guaranty user comfort throughout the day, every ring is covered with waterproof, transparent finish.

How durable is CNICK Ring?

Manufacturing technology guarantees the highest quality and durability, it’s almost impossible to break CNICK rings by dropping or gripping. CNICK rings are not weak and delicate, but it’s never a bad idea to keep the polished finish looking nice over the coming years.Most of your daily activities are fine. But Good wood ring care starts by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, over-frequent washing/drying, extended submersion in water rough, treatment (e.g. wearing the ring while lifting or operating machinery). These are all things that can compromise the finish, and thereby, the integrity of the ring itself. The finish is the most important factor in keeping the ring in good condition and, if it is compromised, water can penetrate the wood--this damages the ring from the inside. Simply Wood Rings can withstand the occasional shower or hand wash, as long as moisture does not remain between the ring and finger.

How long will my CNICK Ring last?

Bentwood Ring is very firm, when properly maintained Bentwood it lasts years. As for the microcontroller inside the ring, it has up to 10 year guarantee. So, your ring will not have functional issue. To enjoy CNICK Ring for years, just make sure to remove it while swimming, washing hands and pushing heavy objects.

How can I use CNICK Ring beside NFC applications or access into my organization?

CNICK Ring comes with the original Mifare Chip, which has no applet or data preloaded. Thus, you are free to use the ring in any project which requires 13.56Mhz RFID Card, opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination. There a lot of fascinating projects where CNICK rings had been used, one of them is Startup Hand4help, which use CNICK Rings for enabling amputees to activate different functions on their prosthetic devices by touching the ring. Some of them created NFC hidden shelves, which were opened by CNICK Ring CNICK continues to grow very quickly and we will always be fully focused on enriching our customers experience. Stay tuned and join us on Facebook group for taking participation in active discussion of the project development.

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