Access Cards

From now on, you can use smart ring instead of an access card, to enter home, office, gym and other places.

How can I activate?

For Employers:

Compatable with HID readers, CNICK Rings are tested in HID lab and SIO is successfuly loadable.  

contact us: info@cnick.io

For Employees:

Before you attach access card into the ring, please, double-check, that the system operates on high frequency (13.56MHZ) RFID readers. Afterwards, address to the person, who is responsible for access cards in your organisation and ask him/her to enable access on your ring. The procedure of activating access onto the ring is just the same, as for the card.

Manage Smartphone

Unlock your smartphone, turn on flashlight, open any app or manage any other task on your smartphone with a single touch of the ring.

How can I activate?

Download NFC Tools application from Play Store and follow the instructions below for activation of desired tasks on your ring. To unlock your phone  use Smartpass Lock nfc  application. 

Share information

Sharing links, contact details, texts, bitcoin address and other small types of information has never been easier. With a single touch of your ring to the smartphone you can share any infomration, you consider necessary.

How can I activate?

For interaction with Android smartphone, you should activate NFC and place the device and the ring back to back.  With just a touch, the phone will open the link or file you want to share. To write information onto the ring, use CNICK’s mobile application for Android phones.

CNICK for iPhone users

CNICK is compatible with iPhone 7 and later models. Due to iPhone Software policy, you can only read the information, that is already written into the ring. Modification of any sort is impossible with iphone, you should use android device for this purpose instead. 

How can I activate?

Download NFC application such as GoToTags or NFC Reader from App Store. Open the app and touch your ring to the upper part of the phone. Application will automatically open the link, recorded into your ring.